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Saving Lives with Rubber Threads: Its Usability in Medical Devices

Essential for safety measurements in the automotive industry and crucial for the manufacturing process of textiles and garments to ensure proper fitting and stretchiness for the comfort of clothing wearers, all of these advantages only add to the list that makes rubber threads the chosen material by health experts for medical purposes. Rubber threads are beneficial not only for the manufacture of surgical gloves and medical mask straps but also for various applications that we will review below.

Thanks to their high elasticity and durability, there is a wide range of products that rubber threads can be transformed into. First, rubber threads can be adapted to create abdomen pads and orthopedic nettings. To cater to the evolving needs of patients, rubber threads are highly flexible, allowing for customization and tailoring to ensure proper healing and wound management.

Illustration of an abdominal pad (left) and an orthopedic netting sling (right), highlighting the essential use of rubber threads in their construction

Second, due to their super elasticity and precision, it's common to find catheters made of rubber thread material, as it ensures a seamless finish. Additionally, rubber threads are ideal for building catheters since they require materials that can withstand complex procedures and challenging environments. Rubber threads are one of those materials with biocompatibility, which means they are safe for direct contact with the human body while still complying with stringent medical industry standards.

Third, the flexibility of rubber threads ensures ease of navigation during surgical procedures through the delicate anatomical structures of the human body. Soft and comfortable-touch rubber threads offer the ideal balance of strength required for doctors to perform successful surgeries. Rubber threads, especially those produced by Omnimax, consistently deliver quality, providing healthcare with uniformity and precise measurements.

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