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The Significance of High-Stretch Characteristics in Quality Rubber Threads

In rubber thread production, achieving high-stretchiness is crucial for creating diverse end products. This property enables rubber to showcase essential elasticity, allowing it to stretch and revert to its original shape repeatedly without compromising quality or losing flexibility over time. High-elasticity rubber threads, like those manufactured by Omnimax, play a pivotal role in producing various items, including clothing, elastic bands, and essential medical devices.



But, how does the elasticity of rubber threads measured?


The stretchiness or elasticity of rubber threads is commonly measured using a tensile test. This test involves pulling the rubber threads in opposite directions until they break, while accurately measuring the force and elongation. Another method to assess the elasticity of rubber threads is by using a durometer, a standardized measurement device utilized to determine material hardness.

End products that require rubber threads with high-stretchiness


There are some common end products that can only be produced with high-stretchiness rubber thread materials:


  • Clothing: It's well-known that rubber threads are used in various types of clothing to provide elasticity and a snug fit for wearers. This material finds its application mainly in clothing like sportswear, swimwear, and undergarments.

  • Elastic bands: Rubber threads are essential in producing elastic bands as they require high flexibility for packaging purposes.

  • Medical devices: Elastic bandages, tourniquets, catheters, and compression stockings need to be made from stretchy rubber threads to properly fit patients' needs.


The high-stretchiness of rubber threads is crucial for these end products as it allows the rubber to exhibit elasticity, essential for their respective applications. It also enables the end products to offer comfort, fit, and maximum functionality for the user.



If you are in search of high-quality rubber threads that is renowned for its durability and superior stretchiness to provide you with a wide array of uses, make sure to only source it from Omnimax by PT. Cilatexindo Graha Alam (


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