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Weaving a Legacy : Tracing Omnimax's Journey in Rubber Thread Production

Rubber thread's significance has made it one of the most impactful industries in the world since it is used widely, from assisting home and kitchen appliances to taking an important role in increasing safety features and comfortability in automotive industry. Thanks to rubber threads, many of the elastic and flexible clothes we use today like activewear can be tailored to different human body sizes and activities due to the corporation of rubber threads. In 2020, the rubber threads global market is valued at $700.8 million and foreseen to reach $1,110.4 million at the end of 2030 decade. With 3.64 million hectares of rubber tree plantation per 2020 recorded in its soil, it massively help in boosting the production of latex – main ingredients of rubber threads production – and made Indonesia as one of the most notable global player in the industry.


Omnimax by PT. Cilatexindo Graha Alam, one of the long-standing and established rubber thread producers rooted and based in Indonesia, has been actively contributing to fulfilling the needs of rubber threads domestically and internationally. Established in 1989, Omnimax used to operate under PT. Swasthi Parama Mulya began selling their rubber threads in 1991. With its two effective production lines, Omnimax gradually improved its production from only five to 10 containers per month. In 1995, Omnimax sent 100% of its rubber threads production for export and started renting a factory to continue effectively increasing its productivity from PT. Cilatexindo Graha Alam, and then fully acquired it in 1998.

Omnimax only uses advanced technology to produce the highest quality rubber threads to ensure long-lasting color and elasticity.


Omnimax focused on making fine-count rubber threads raw materials so they can easily be turned into various end products like socks, bungee jumping ropes, stockings, spandex, furniture, and even food-grade packaging. Since their rubber thread production needs to be versatile enough to be turned into various end products, Omnimax provides several fine counts of rubber threads for its buyers to choose from – between 90 and 110 counts – based on their necessity. Omnimax’s rubber threads are consistently on top of their game and highly sought after due to the quality they offer. Compared to other prominent country producers of rubber threads in Southeast Asia, like Malaysia and Thailand, rubber threads produced by Omnimax are famous for their outstanding ability to retain color and keep their elasticity even after they have been stored for up to 5 years.



In conclusion, rubber thread production is an ever-growing industry due to its increasing demand for various applications. Established in 1989 to meet this high demand, Omnimax has become one of the largest and most trustworthy rubber thread manufacturers in Indonesia. Operating under PT. Cilatexindo Graha Alam, Omnimax is committed to producing only exceptional-quality rubber threads. Over the years, buyers worldwide have trusted Omnimax to supply them with high-quality raw rubber thread materials for the production of various end products.


If you're looking for rubber threads with exceptional quality, ensure you source them from a reputable manufacturer like Omnimax by PT. Cilatexindo Graha Alam (


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